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  • adduction — [ adyksjɔ̃ ] n. f. • 1541; bas lat. adductio 1 ♦ Anat. Mouvement qui rapproche un membre du plan sagittal du corps. Adduction de l œil : mouvement horizontal de l œil vers le nez. 2 ♦ (1890) Action de dériver les eaux d un lieu pour les amener… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Adduction — Ad*duc tion, n. [Cf. F. adduction. See {Adduce}.] 1. The act of adducing or bringing forward. [1913 Webster] An adduction of facts gathered from various quarters. I. Taylor. [1913 Webster] 2. (Physiol.) The action by which the parts of the body… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Adduction — is a movement which brings a limb arm or leg closer to the sagittal plane of the body. It is opposed to abduction.This term is also used in reference to the operation of the muscle in anatomy or musculature. Muscles of adductionUpper limb* of arm …   Wikipedia

  • adduction — [a duk′shən, əduk′shən] n. [ME adduccioun < ML adductio < L adductus, pp. of adducere: see ADDUCE] 1. an adducing or citing 2. Physiol. a) an adducting of a part of the body b) the changed position resulting from this …   English World dictionary

  • Adduction — Sur les autres projets Wikimedia : « Adduction », sur le Wiktionnaire (dictionnaire universel) L adduction, est un mouvement qui rapproche un membre le bras ou la jambe du plan sagittal du corps. Il s oppose à l abduction. Ce terme …   Wikipédia en Français

  • adduction — (a ddu ksion) s. f. Terme d anatomie. Action des muscles adducteurs. HISTORIQUE    XVIe s. •   Aucuns ont voulu dire que ce muscle aide aussi à l adduction des doigts vers le poulce, PARÉ IV, 29. ÉTYMOLOGIE    Adductio (voy. adducteur) …   Dictionnaire de la Langue Française d'Émile Littré

  • Adduction — Movement of a limb toward the midline of the body. The opposite of adduction is abduction. An adductor muscle pulls toward the midline of the body. For example, the adductor muscles of the legs pull the legs toward the midline of the body so the… …   Medical dictionary

  • ADDUCTION — n. f. T. d’Arts Action d’amener. L’adduction des eaux d’une source. En termes d’Anatomie, il se dit de l’Action des muscles adducteurs …   Dictionnaire de l'Academie Francaise, 8eme edition (1935)

  • adduction — /euh duk sheuhn/, n. 1. Physiol. the action of an adducent muscle. 2. the act of adducing. [1630 40; < ML adduction (s. of adductio). See ADDUCT, ION] * * * …   Universalium

  • adduction — noun a) The act of adducing or bringing forward. , An adduction of facts gathered from various quarters. I. Taylor. b) The action by which the parts of the body are drawn towards its axis; opposed to abduction …   Wiktionary

  • adduction — noun Date: 14th century 1. the action of adducting ; the state of being adducted 2. the act or action of adducing …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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